When working on your project, errors like being out of spec and correcting the problem cost you time and money. Also, are you making the proper corrections or just moving the offending bends down the tube. Running out of spec parts again only compounds the costs. Our integrated system of the V-Tube Laser Software for the HanJie bender shows you exactly where the products are out of tolerance, and through the software, the corrections are calculated, plus you can also see graphically and visually where the changes are made. 

The benefits of V-Tube LASER Software helps you cut your costs and save time with accuracy.

3 Ways V-Tube Laser Software Benefits your Business 

  1. Time. Needless to say, in manufacturing, time is money. It certainly is true. You want to keep up with demand and make sure that you can produce what your client needs to get their job done. 

For example, you are bending a tube for a headrest in an automobile, and you need to get many pieces done to get the bent tube to the automobile manufacturer so they can keep up with production. Using the V-Tube LASER Software will instantly let you know if there is an error in the tube bending process. The software also allows you to measure the exact specs and auto correct if the specs get shifted any during the process of bending. 

  1. Accuracy. What if you had software that can give you the ability to check each piece to the master bent tube, and make sure the production stays accurate and precise? V-Tube LASER Software allows you to spot check products to make sure your production is accurate and if there is any deviation, it can easily be adjusted. Link to our video here on the process to see how! Once the first tube is bent in the HanJie Bender, you can measure by scanning the part with the V-Tube LASER. The software will then send the corrections to the HanJie bender. The HanJie will proceed to bend the corrected part. Then you measure the part with the V-Tube LASER and the tube shape confirms accuracy in an easy to read graphic display showing the operator how the corrected part aligns and fits inside the envelope. 
  2. Increased Output. When you can help eliminate human error and keep your tube bending process going efficiently, you can increase the amount of work you can get done, and therefore, increase the amount of jobs you can take on. Efficiency saves time and money to keep building business. 

SMT Industries works hard to be on the cutting edge of technology to produce products that help manufacturers keep the line rolling, and also have unique, precise parts for their production. Is your business working on a new project or need help with tube bending? Do you

need fabrication to make your process quicker and products more accurate or product supply turn-around more timely? Give us a call or contact us today for a quote on your custom tube bending needs.