SMT has established a reputation for building high quality and innovative tube fabrication machinery. But more importantly than what we build, we are known in the industry as a trusted vendor that says what it will do, then time-and-time again delivers on those promises.

Please allow us to demonstrate to you why our customers trust our products and services. Browse our website to learn more about us. Then we invite you to visit our facility in Sidney, Ohio to discover why we are known for product, service, and support that, according to our customers, raises the bar for the tube-fabrication industry.

SMT is always looking to purchase used tube bending equipment. We prefer machines that are not in running condition. We would also be interested in remanufacturing older machines that you may have stored and are out of service.


Customer Testimonials

“You did such a nice job on that bender, that we are exploring upgrading our original bender to be similar to the new one.”

“As I mentioned the other day when you were here, I think SMT did a fantastic job on the machine documentation. It is the best of any project I have ever worked on.”

“Things went real well! Jeff [Tucker, SMT -CNC Bender Technician] did everything expected of him. He gave us a lot of immediate help that we were able to do during his visit as well as some other modifications we can do to improve our process. The tool mark was significantly reduced during his visit and when we implement the other recommended changes the tool mark should be completely gone.”

“Thank you for the hospitality and the opportunity to evaluate your company. The visit was extremely beneficial. It was very thorough and provided answers to numerous questions. It certainly gave you a competitive edge in our process. I have confidence in your capabilities as well as the quality of the overall rebuild and components. This is precisely what I have reported my managers. We will be taking a little time to complete evaluation of the other quotes and hopefully a decision will be made soon.”

“We’re very impressed with the new CNC Bender Lite control” – HVAC Customer

“At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to Ron [Duval, SMT President] and Bill [Covault, SMT Sales Engineer] for their generosity and hospitality by providing transportation, lodging, and meals so that I may review the Mid-grip Machine. Overall, I am happy with the design and function of the machine and look forward to its arrival at our facility. This machine reflects the same commitment to building quality as the others you have manufactured for our Facility.”

“The upgrade on cell #13, S.O.#13272 SMT did for us during the shutdown is running very well so far. Norcold now has 4 full shifts of parts ran and they are looking good and fitting up well. Thanks to you, Gary [Fogt, SMT Master Machine Builder] and the whole SMT group on a job well done.”

“I would like to thank SMT for another job well done. SMT’s attention to doing a quality job is evident in the completed machine. SMT continues to perform very well in the areas of documentation, communication, and quality workmanship. The effort put forth to build a quality machine by doing what’s right for the customer is SMT’s strongest asset.”…”I look forward to future opportunities with SMT.”

“Thank you very much for the quick response”…”I want to stress the fact that it has been a pleasure working with you and your staff over the last 9 months. Though the circumstances were frustrating and patience was running thin on all sides, you maintained a very honorable, ethical, and professional attitude. Thanks. I look forward to working with SMT at some point in the near future as our equipment and automation needs grow.”

“We have full communication between two SMT benders and MM5000 measuring machine. We are able to send new files to benders and corrections to bend programs. Special thanks to Mike Cone [Advanced Tubular President and Software Developer] who was on the phone with me for two hours guiding us through the networking problems.”

“During the course of the past six months, we have been pleased with the level of interaction, support and communication SMT has provided to this project and we again thank you for your efforts. Based on the new business opportunities and growth we are projecting beyond 2003, we believe that we may again have the opportunity to collaborate on business and potentially another equipment purchase in the future.”

“This morning’s run-off looked promising. The few issues that we had with the machine seem to have been taken care of. We successfully assembled 14 parts.”

“The machine seems to have been very well designed and built. Your team should be commended on taking care of all the little details that really make the machine step above the equipment we have purchased in recent years.”

“What a great software program you have! It is so much easier than our (older CNC bender) dinosaur. We are making progress in setting up tool stacks and parameters for programs. This system will be great for the company.”